Saturday, August 16, 2014


tunnel view
the valley as seen from my bike ride :)
always welcoming
camp food
me with really bad hat hair..
top of sentinel dome
glacier point views of half dome
half dome once again...
a swimming hole outside of Yosemite

first friday in oakland!

Monday, August 11, 2014

life recently

evening runs along the embarcadero
the bay lights!
sunflower in front of my house!
garden party in the back yard
friends cooking. 
friends entertaining
more friends cooking and entertaining
wednesday night

dimsum sundays with family
a run to my favorite garden, flora grubb!

Monday, July 28, 2014

east bay love

I find myself in Oakland-ish more often these days, since the vibe is so different. I've always had Lake Merritt love and then, there is Alameda. It is such a wonderful, quaint town with a beach, perfect for a tandem bike ride. In M's words, we  were "terrorizing the Alameda beachfront, pedestrians running left and right at the sound of the bell.... No major harm done." 

Ha! So true

Thursday, July 24, 2014

snapshots this week

Potrero Hill Community Garden/ Fleurs/ Vermont Street/ Why I like to run in Potrero/ Balmy Street murals/ restored street art

You wouldn't believe all the crazy if I told you. It was an overwhelming week and at so many moments I wanted to pull my hair out. 
But... how great it is to still be able to find the beauty in the every day, I feel fortunate to live where I live. San Francisco will always remain one of the most beautiful cities, which is one thing to be certain of (even with all the changes in the air.)

I've been walking/running a lot. Partially because Fitbit, and mainly to de-stress. Life has got me with its ups and downs, so I will take my worries out to the city!

Monday, July 21, 2014

on a Sunday

I love when friends come to visit San Francisco, I end up in places I don't normally go, like Chinatown. Or delicious places in other neighborhoods, like B.Patisserie. Or we stumble into random hookah bars with beautifully decorated ceilings, and end up catching dinner at the oldest dim sum restaurant in the U.S!

Now i'm ready to face another week, with thoughts of climbing trips and even more thoughts of change... so much uncertainty excitement ahead!