Thursday, April 30, 2015


Another airbnb win! A cottage for lazy mornings, private evening dance parties, and spam dinners. This is my last HI post, before I go crazy and try to jump onto the next available flight out there. 
I miss the beautiful land and people so much! 


Maui the demigod came here to make a deal with the sun. If only the sun could slow down for a bit, so Maui's mother would have enough time to dry her cloths. (This is why summers are longer!)

one day in maui

scenes from hana hwy


Off the road in Maui, lots of fruit stands and lushness! 

missing the aloha

Aloha is probably my favorite word of all time. 

alo, 1. sharing 2. in the present
oha, joyous affection, joy
ha, life energy, life, breath

(pics from Maui, HI)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

a Monday

Tried to make Monday morning a little happier with banana faces (portraying how I feel) and rose apple pastry puffs. The latter, a borderline "Pinterest fail", still doesn't look as good as it should, but I don't care, it still tasted good! 

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Archeology day! S and I sat across from each other, catching up on each others lives while piecing together a broken vase. We somehow sat there for a long time, chatting under the sun with much dedication to finishing. And then... voila! 
"Is this activity for children?" we wondered, laughing at ourselves for staying here so long. But I honestly hadn't had so much fun in awhile, it was the best way to spend an afternoon! 
Today, I came across a DDR machine and of course, I HAD to hop on. Nothing beats a blast from the past! This past week or so, I've been having lots of good trips down memory lane, from old high school friends randomly messaging me, and weddings of dear old friends. 

In Fremont, for the wedding, I jokingly moaned at the idea of having to go to Fremont on a beautiful day, BUT it was amazing to be back. It's a place full of funny memories and random furniture store outings (reminiscent of bored suburban teenagers.) I actually wouldn't mind coming back again soon!?