Wednesday, November 05, 2014

adventures at home

I devoted much of autumn thus far to staying home and being with friends. I know it is prime climbing season, but no regrets! 
Yelp HQ
 Don't mess with these ladies. 
 I got game
 This is me performing Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend at Martunis. 
 Dia de los Muertos
 Just grocery shopping with friends
 and making smores on their fire table. 
 Hope you're not squeamish. They cow eye dissection at Exploratorium.
 First Fridays
 I end up in the coolest places while I run ^^
 Donuts on Polk Street 
 Embarcadero fire dancers
 Friday Nights

Halloween with Extra Action 

clarion alley block party

There is still life in the Mission. Bless this place. 

best way to start the day

Weekday morning was brightened a little bit when Illy and Craftsman and Wolves threw a happy little morning getogether. I never have a bad time at the NWBLK!


 I told myself I would only stop by. I ended up staying until they closed down. 



San Luis Obispo is cute little town, perfect for a weekend getaway. I kept calling it Pleasantville, but in retrospect, there are traces of kooky. Eccentricities like Madonna Inn and Bubble Gum Alley keep it interesting! 
 Arroyo Grande has preserved a one room school house!
The best moments are unplanned. Meeting new people led to a private yoga session at their daughter's house.
 Pretty interiors
My housing for the weekend. Parked at the hot springs. Don't think I needed anything more ^^